Test our App!

Do you enjoy history and want to learn in a fun, interactive way? We are looking for 10 to 13 year olds to test our Historical Heroes App “The Story of Anne Frank”.

We want the app to inspire whilst teach and entertain. All you need is to own an iPad and download the app. Then after a few weeks of using it we will ask you a few questions with you and your parents to give feedback on the app.

Those who take part will receive a mention in the “Thank you” section of our next app.

Interested? Just drop us a message in the form below and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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Learning history IS fun


Forget about those boring history books – digital publisher Free the Trees have created fun and interesting interactive learning apps that inspire children and parents alike and connect them with history through today’s most up-to-date technology.

The Historical Heroes series of interactive iPad apps retells the stories of famous historical characters that are taught within the British National Curriculum. The stories come to life with animations, and learning is applied through fun interactive elements like quizzes and factual timelines.

Free the Trees believe in supporting the legacies of important historical figures and being a charitable publisher, they donate 10% of profits to charities related to the historical heroes. The first of the Historical Heroes apps, The Story of Anne Frank, is being supported by The Anne Frank Foundation, and 10% of profits will go to UNICEF. So not only will the purchase of these apps encourage learning but they will also go to supporting charities.

Going beyond traditional learning methods, the Historical Heroes apps will delight and fascinate children, and encourage them to emulate the best of what these historical heroes can teach us; things such as overcoming adversity and prejudice. And parents can be confident that they are giving their child a head start by supplementing their learning within the National Curriculum.